Am I A Candidate For Weight Loss Surgery?

Am I A Candidate For Weight Loss Surgery? According to Modern medical standards, a certain degree of excess weight (obesity) is treated surgically. Obesity surgery is called” stomach reduction surgery”, but in some cases a single intervention in the stomach is not enough. Reduction in stomach volume is the goal, but the type of surgery…

What Is The Gastric Sleeve Revision Surgery?

Obesity is a chronic disease, and while weight loss surgery may save a person’s life, it is not a cure. Its success is also dependent on an individual’s ability to adhere to certain lifestyle and nutrition guidelines. Some patients regain their weight as a result of behavioral changes or new external factors in their lives….

Hair Loss After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  Hair loss after sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a very common condition. It occurs in approximately 70% of patients.Hair loss typically begins in the second or third month after surgery and can last up to eight to nine months after the procedure.If the patient’s weight loss slows down or stops, the hair loss also tends…